A contract is a promise or set of promises for which the law gives a remedy or in some way recognizes as a duty. Contract law is one of the cornerstones of a civilized society, and yet it can be a complex and intricate component of our modern legal system. While many types of contracts can be handled in the routine course of business, as contracts increase in size, scope, value or complexity, the need for competent legal advice also increases. The most preferred contract is, obviously, a written contractual relationship. However, sometimes written contracts are ambiguous or poorly drafted, and can create more problems than they solve. Ideally, a reasonably intelligent and objective third party should be able to independently review a contract and generally comprehend its terms, conditions, and provisions.

Did you know that breach of contract represents a significant percentage of trial cases? In 2001, cases dealing with allegations of breach of contract represented 31% of all cases taken to trial in the 75 most populated counties in the United States. They came second only to tort claims, which represented 67% of all cases that ended in trial that year.

Today, no business is done without a contract. Before entering into any contract it is highly recommended that entire contract should be read carefully. For the preparation and interpretation of your contracts by a professional and competent contract attorney, call us at 800-601-8148 now for a free consultation.


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