The attorneys at Skousen Law, PLLC are experienced in trademark and copyright law. Trademark protection begins by filing the mark with the USPTO, where the services of an attorney can be extremely useful.  In the case of trademark infringement, a cease-and-desist letter is also the common first step, and negotiations between attorneys often follow.  If a settlement or other resolution cannot be reached, an action for trademark infringement can be initiated in federal or state court, where injunction and damages are the remedies sought.  A trademark is any word, name, or symbol used in commerce to identify and distinguish a business's product or merchandise, and to indicate their source. A trademark can be considered a brand name, and use of a trademark without permission can be considered infringement of the trademark holder's rights. Trademarks are registered with and granted by the U.S. government's Patent and Trademark Office. Let us help you in registering your trademark and securing all the rights associated with it.

A copyright is a specific protection which is applicable to a published or unpublished literary, scientific or artistic work. It is regardless of the form of the expression of the work, so long as the work is in a tangible or material format.  Consequently, written documents, scientific formulas, songs, artwork, computer graphics or coding, choreography and screenplays may all be copyrighted.  Once copyrighted, a work will be denoted with a copyright symbol. Copyright violations occur when another person utilizes a copyrighted work without receiving permission of the copyright owner. Copyright violation penalties include monetary damages, which can be significant, depending upon the particular circumstances of each case. If you are seeking to obtain a copyright or are faced with a copyright violation lawsuit, you need the services of one of our experienced copyright attorneys. We can evaluate the claim in order to determine your legal options. Call toll free 800-601-8148 and our team of attorneys will provide you with a free initial consultation and help you to determine the best course of action.


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